Page is automatically jumping to the bottom on long threads

I’m not 100% sure if this is the same behavior in the normal themes, but I’m using the sidebar as you can see.

I stopped moving my mousewheel once I had gone down one page, the rest was done without me doing anything.

Hello! Can you please share the link to that post so anyone can see if the behavior is reproducible?

The example was here;

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Is this consistently reproducible? What browser / OS are you using? If you switch to a different browser does it still happen?

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Yes, it is consistent. This is on Edge and when I get a chance I will look at Chrome.

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Here on Meta I noticed that when I scroll to the bottom of the topic list, and don’t touch my scroll wheel, infinite scrolling is triggered on repeat, causing a gazillion topics to be loaded. :scroll:

Ohh, I just noticed this only happens with the sidebar theme.

I’m on MacOS, Chrome 105


@david could this be related to any of the recent ember changes?

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Would it be global then? I can only seem to see it on Meta.

could be old sidebar related, we are moving to the new sidebar later this week probably.


I think this is probably the same I reported before: Infinity loading issue on Focused Sidebar. It worked for me for while but now it seems to appeared again this issue. I think it is only on Focused Sidebar theme.