Topic List Previews (legacy)

Hmmm, my co-developer management to get the new TC working but we’re back to square one — all entries in all the categories are displayed as unread.

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Having reviewed this it was not a bug, it was a breaking change due to changes in the core app.

Note we normally don’t support those mid-month so you are advised against upgrading mid-month normally.

However, I appreciate I’ve caused you guys to have to maintain your setups mid-month. So …

I’ve fixed the visited “low-lighting” of titles for both tiles and non-tiles views on desktop and brought the templates more up-to-date with some of the recent changes:

I’ll take a look at mobile at some point.

Please update your TC and let me know if you see any related issues.


Thank you for the update. :hugs:

I also want to report another tiny bug still remain. :yum:

When users include a large image in top of the post, the “excerpt” and “Read More” no longer clickable, because discourse generate lightbox for the image. The code <a class=\"lightbox\" href=\"\" data-download-href=\"\" title=\"Image title\"></a> included in excerpt break the link.

I understand that it may be discourse core problem of including lightbox code in excerpt, but I am not sure who can I reported to and whether they will fix it.

I am just thinking whether we can make the “read more” button clickable without wait until discourse remove the lightbox code from excerpt, because it may take some time. :thinking:


With the TC only installed, there’s little I can do with the excerpts.

However, with the sidecar plugin added, I have more control.

That said I’m inclined to “dumb down” the excerpt to remove links and formatting to reduce the risk of display corruption. If you want the full thing you will just have to click through.

Given that the excerpts are a core feature though I arguably shouldn’t need to do any work in this space.


If this happens with the topic-list-previews theme component disabled, please feel free to make a new #ux topic. If you can include a screenshot of the issue, that would be great!


Thank you for your reply. :hugs:

Yes, it happen with TLP TC disabled as well.
For image, it include the lightbox code in excerpt.

<a class="lightbox" href="" data-download-href="" title="ImageTitle"></a>

For header, it include the anchor in excerpt.

<a name="header" class="anchor" href="#header"></a>

Both of them break the link and cause both “excerpt” and “read more” button unclickable.

I will make a new #ux topic with screenshot included.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much — this fixed the problem for us. Really appreciate it.


Pleasure, David. There’s still much to do on this Component but I’ll be getting to it over the course of the next few months.

Note that we shifted the Topic to: Topic List Previews Theme Component - theme - Discourse Meta


Thank you for the fix :pray:t3:


I’m using plugin, how to move all thing to new Theme Component? Just remove plugin and install Theme Component or what?


Correct, there is no way of automatically moving configuration, unfortunately.

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I am willling to help with a script that would semi-automate this. Is there an overview of where each setting in the plugin would go in the theme component?


Sounds a bit like overkill? But if someone finds it useful … no such mapping exists currently.

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I think the above changes were for the Theme Component, but the styling bug - due to changes in the core app - is also in the (legacy) plugin?

Put another way, I just updated as a test, and the topic list isn’t “low-lighting” the visited titles with the plugin after a rebuild.

Is the plug in likely to be updated at this point, or is the Theme Component the only way forward?

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As per the OP and Topic List Previews (legacy) - #1547 by merefield the plugin is no longer supported and hasn’t been for some weeks.


I was using this plugin.

Will need to upgrade to the theme component.

Does it conserve the plugin adjustments or do I have to configure all of it again? (it has been working for so long that I don’t know what we have adjusted in the plugin).

Should i first remove the plugin in app.yml and recreate discourse and then install the TC?
Or the opposite: first intall TC and then delete the plugin?

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There’s no migration path, I’m afraid

Installation of the Theme Component and configuration is easy enough though.

Read: Which one to install: Plugin or TC? - Topic Previews - Pavilion

Yes, remove the old link from app.yml and replace with Theme Sidecar as directed in the link I provided.


Thank you, I am in it.

You have to do it someday, so let it be today.

It seems there are more or less the same options (well there are more) so it won’t be difficult, I guess.
Thank you.

Uff, I tried to configured it as it was previously, with just a thumnail of the first photo to the left of the thread (no tiles or other things) but it did not work
It seems that too much things have changed from the plugin version.

I will have to study how it works now, because it has created tiles for many categories that we don’t use, and I cannot see the thumbnail of photos in the thread in categories and pages with had configured.


Please don’t Post here, post on the new Topic.