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Would the publication date work? Since we do a magazine with discourse and your TC, it would be odd, if a user could change the headlines by writing a comment. :wink:

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Or can you get that feed “/tag/{tag}.json?ascending=false&order=created”?


And the plan is to continue moving forward primarily with the TC, correct?

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Yep that could work. And perhaps a setting for latest versus created


Yes correct. For all the reasons outlined earlier.

I don’t envisage needing to drop support for the plugin imminently but the TC will have the focus for new features.

The recent changes in Discourse are slightly unprecedented so hopefully we can look forward to a bit more stability in the coming months.


2. TC based, experimental, expect minor issues but added bonuses of Featured Images on mobile and responsiveness to sidebars … optional plugin sidecar that adds features

  • Theme Component
  • Add the sidecar plugin if you want more features: - git clone -b "theme_sidecar" . At this point this is functionally very very similar to plugin.

I followed these steps.

the like button does not appear. How can I show the like button ?


I’ve yet to implement that in this configuration. It’s coming :wink:


I have updated to latest version of the plugin (4.3.1) and discourse (2.5.0.beta4) and noticed that almost all of my topic list previews are gone :frowning:

I am able to regenerate the preview image on a per-topic basis, however this is a) time-consuming, and b) nudges the topics to the top after I update them.

Is there a way to automatically regenerate the topic thumbnails?

I really love this plugin - it’s done wonders for our forum and makes it look great. I also tried the [edit - it was a from a different author so not relevant to this discussion] TC but found it looks quite different and has less options - so this plugin still seems superior to me unless someone can correct me?

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Yep, a post rebake from the console will do it: Rebake all posts?

But before you do that make sure this is big:

Otherwise those posts won’t have their remote images brought into the forum and the thumbnails won’t then be created.

The Theme Component is work in progress and you need the ‘plugin sidecar’ installed for the complete feature set. Actions is not yet supported but will be soon when I get a moment.

Oh, how so? There is a slight approximation made on tile size, but apart from missing actions it should be identical (aside from the tiles ships with slight drop shadows on the TC which I prefer personally).


This worked perfectly, my thumbnails are rebuilt — thanks so much for the pointer!


Hey, similar issue as Ian C ; since the upgrade to Discourse 2.5.0.beta4, with Topic List Previews 4.4.0, most of the thumbnails disappeared (on a side-node, why not all?)



I’ve tried to rebake all posts. It did not help.

Any solution, please?

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Max days old is way too low. As I pointed out it should be a high number. 30 means anything older than a month will not be thumbnailed.

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The option is not enabled. It should not be affected, right?

You haven’t checked the box. Images have to be uploaded.

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It has been disabled because of various issues with it. Also conflicting with custom modifications if I remember.

So, It’s enabled, and I’ve increased max old days. What to do next? I’m not sure how this options works. Does it means we need to wait every single image is downloaded before re-trying again rebacking?

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This is mostly core discourse behaviour now, not TLP (It used to be all TLP, now there are minimal overrides in the plugin around this because Thumbnail support is now in core).

You need to rebake posts again and this will set up a load of UploadHotLinkImages sidekiq jobs and pull them all in. Within minutes it will start to populate the thumbnails.


Alright. It’s running. Thanks for the help!


How do I get the image thumbnails to appear when you are viewing topics in a category?


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Rebaking is done. What a messy result! :pensive:

Well, now I know why this option was disabled.

We are using Wordpress and the first post contains full html. Discourse has no issue to replace image HTML with markdown, but markdown image can’t be rendered if surrounded with HTML (or specifically you need a least en empty line above).

I have 2 problems:

  1. Some images were not downloaded, likely because of srcset attribute (but it’s okay). The images are well displayed in the first post, but there is no thumbnail generated. It was working before.

    Is there some breaking change in the plugin where thumbnail can’t be generated with post containing already image HTML? I believe I’ve rebaked 3 times now, it did not help. Is there another to force regenerate the thumbnail? I mean, before, even with the option disabled, a thumbnail was generated with any image on topic creation or even after editing it ; this behavior doesn’t work anymore.

  2. As said above, some markdown image are not rendered.

    I tried to see if some plugin API was available before post is cooked, but could not find one.

    I guess the only way is to add newlines in the concerned raw message directly in the DB and through the rails console, and rebacking again.

    Currently, I’m struggling (don’t know ruby) somehow based on discourse code source:
    It seems to work for one topic. Did not yet execute for all topics. Is there a better/cleaner way to fix the issue without doing that?

  .where(post_number: 1)
  .where("raw LIKE '%upload://%'").each do |post|  
     post.raw.gsub!(/(!\[.*upload:\/\/.*\))/, "\n\n\\1")!(validate: false); 

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Same problem here.

After rebaking the previews now work.

But each time I have to upgrade (not under my control, each time I made a rebuild for changing something the forum is upgraded) I cross my fingers.

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