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Luka, when you have time could you check these settings and perhaps lower them to see if you can create more thumbnails:


(Luka Renko) #232

Yes, setting this to 50 helped in some images to be shown.

I have another question: previews for some topics with youtube video disappear from time to time. I have noticed, that they seem to be moved to tombstone. If I do Recreate HTML, they show again. Any idea?


Try it, it should recreate.

Btw, there’s a bug I’m working on in this code. If you set min thumbnail width and height to zero, images should appear immediately, you don’t have to wait 5 minutes.

(T. H. Wright) #234

I’m seeing an issue where some posts don’t respect the maximum width in the Tiles view. What information can I provide to help diagnose what’s happening?

One is a default image (which loads fine for most posts), another is a light-boxed image.


A screenshot would be good. A link to your website (PM’d as required) would be good too. What device are you seeing the issue on? Right now I’d recommend you run tiles with hot link images only until we enhance TLP to scale thumbnails whilst respecting aspect ratio.

(Bart) #236

I’ve seen this happen too (but only once) , will keep an eye on it and share a link when I see it again.


My hunch so far is because that the source image is HUGE and this is throwing out the rendering because of a race condition. With my site settings I wasn’t even able to upload that suspect image to my site (> 4MB) My advice is to replace VERY large images with smaller ones of same aspect ratio.(interestingly my iphone copes, I wonder if its doing some clever image compression to help speed things up) The browser is having to work very hard for the tiles view and expecting it to scale everything that much so quickly and still for everything to remain intact is expecting a lot. Once we get around to improving the thumbnailing (so that it respects aspect ratio) that will hopefully automate that process.

See below, its the tags

(Brandon Martus) #238

Sometime soon, I plan to install this and enable on a category that has around 30,000 existing topics in it (156k overall topics in Discourse). Is there anything I should be worried about (related to performance, etc.) or prepare before installing or enabling this?

I scanned through this thread and didn’t see anything jump out, but wasn’t sure how often this was installed on a large set of existing data.

Thanks in advance!


Should be fine as Discourse won’t show all those at once. You can enable it, try it out and switch it off if you don’t like it. It’s superficial.

(Brandon Martus) #240

Great, thanks for the quick reply!

(Brandon Martus) #241

Worked out pretty well.

I am seeing a weird issue with one specific post where the image is overlapping others in the tile layout. I edited it, thinking it may regenerate the thumbnail, but it still overlaps (but is now at the top spot of the latest list).

Is this a known issue, or is there something I can do to fix?

CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi


Brandon, this is very much like the previous issue reported just above. How big (size in KB) is the image that is overlapping? Does it resolve if you upload a much smaller (lower resolution) version of the same image? (the one in the first post).

(Brandon Martus) #243

Ah, sorry – I remember seeing that post, but thought it was earlier in this topic and skimmed up right past it real quick.

I resized the image down from ~1900px to 966px wide, but still see the overlap.
Some of the other photos in the grid are 4000+ pixels wide, but aren’t overlapping.


And I presume you are ‘hot linking the images’. What if you disable that and thumbnail everything, does it work then? (and i know that’s not as nice looking and currently crops images).

This could be a performance issue, with the browser being asked to do too much and a race condition occurring.

(Brandon Martus) #245

I set thumbnail dimensions in the category settings and rebaked the posts, but it didn’t seem to affect the images that are overlapping outside their grid. Not sure what’s going on …


Strange! What if you manually upload a smaller image in the place of that first post image?

There’s a PR waiting for final review that should help with performance (moves some ‘hacky’ javascript to template). You are welcome to test that branch if you are up for it. (and I’d welcome the early feedback). PM’d you.


OK got Brandon’s issue.

It’s the tags, they are collectively too numerous and too long and there’s no CSS to limit them.

Either shorten or remove tags, or add this CSS to resolve:

I’ll add support to repo later:

.topic-list-item .discourse-tags {
    display: inline-block;

(@thwright could you please try this?)

(Keven Naphtali) #248

I have Topic List Preview running on my site, and have 2 questions,

  1. new featured items don’t seem to be showing up until after I rebuild the site.


  1. image previews are not always loaded on slower internet connections.

Do you have some suggestions on how to resolve these issues?

(T. H. Wright) #249

Fixt! Great catch! I would not have thought that would be the issue!


You have to disable hotlinking temporarily for featured images to show as they are based on thumbnails which that setting prevents from being generated. It’s a known issue.

Don’t check hotlinking and make your thumbnails smaller?