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When loading /latest some of the posts are showing up as bookmarked for my profile even though I have no bookmarks. Multiple users reporting this.

Here’s a screenshot. I have no bookmarked posts yet some of the posts shows up as bookmarked:

Hovering over the bookmarked icons of one of the falsely bookmarked posts shows a tool-tip with the following:

you’ve bookmarked this post[missing %{name} value]

Clicking the bookmark icon toggles the icon to off, but doesn’t seem to actually have any effect… if I reload the page those same posts show up as bookmarked again, even though they are not.

However, if after clearing the icon state I click it once again to toggle the icon back on… then the post is actually bookmarked as a result.

We’re using Discourse 2.5.0.beta4 - version 918bd75909d73cd5361f285d59f9b2e0db97e4ac and TLP 4.3.1

What does STR mean?

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Huge troubles here after adding an image to a topic.

Can’t access this topic :

Can’t find it via search (Internal server error) with eg oceans or north star

Tags used for this topic = Error 500

Category used for this topic = (I can access to Unread etc.)

Main pages (lastest or categories) = Error 500.

Got this bug this morning, could not find any solution and rolled back to last backup. Tried to change image and got again Errors 500/exception/ISE etc.

Why do you think this involves TLP? TLP does not change any code related to access to Topics.

Uninstall TLP (remove it from app.yml). Rebuild. What do you see now?

Did this start after an upgrade? Consider testing everything in a staging environment first before updating Production.

We only support Production upgrades in the first 5 days of the month.

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Thanks for the report. I’ll take another look at bookmarking before month-end.


because we got these errors, retored old backup (everything was fine) then changed again the thumbmail from the same topic and everything “crashed”

both times using the octopus image of this Kickstarter link

from first post of this topic :

Please remove TLP and see if error goes away.

Also check logs, what error are you seeing if any in /logs?

I can access that Topic fine now? Oceans - par North Star Games - livraison VF juin 2020 - Jeux financés -

This is not a valid category url:

I’m not convinced this has anything to do with TLP …

yes, we rolled back to previous backup

this is the page discourse redirectioned for “faulty” category (Jeux financés - working fine since rollback)

I could try to bug it again same way but my sys admin will sure charge me a few hundred euros if I try… (and I’d not blame him for doing so^^)

btw, no saying this plugin is faulty (error implied some s3 stuff). Just that using that particuliar image as thumbnail caused some weird behavior from discourse. Maybe it is, maybe not. This is first time it happened to me after many weeks using your plugin with full satisfaction, pretty weird

Thumbnail generation has moved to Discourse Core now. What TLP was doing to create thumbnails is now mostly done by Discourse. More and more TLP is just a presentation layer.

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is there a reason why discourse is doing it now? i’m still unable to fix my site left it as is

My guess is they decided to create a Theme Gallery and that required thumbnails (because presenting too many images at their original resolution would have made the page very slow). And it kind of went from there …

I think we should see this as a really positive move by Discourse btw. It’s great that the platform can now generate, store and deliver thumbnail data to the Topic List more or less out of the box without the need for a plugin.

In the long run that’s going to make the platform more attractive and help stability.


After upgrading to the last version of Discourse and TPL, we see glitches in the tiles. Some of them render properly as tiles, some don’t and then we get overlapping boxes, some content hidden. You can see for yourselves at (you may need to scroll down to see it).

The browser console explains what is going on:

Layout was forced before the page was fully loaded. If stylesheets are not yet loaded this may cause a flash of unstyled content.

I don’t know whether this bug belongs to TLP or Discourse core.

Your site is rendering perfectly for me with both Chrome and Safari. But I can see some kind of issue in Firefox, interesting. I will take a look in more detail when I have time.

NB any issue with javascript can break the layout. This doesn’t have to be from TLP, it could be from any add-in or Discourse core as javascript ‘crashing’ will prevent TLP from finishing the layout.

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76.0.1 (64-bit)
Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu

But you are right, here it seems to work well and reliably (same laptop, same Ubuntu version):

Google Chrome
81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I have to do it individually for EVERY category?

Nope. In the main settings:

Perfect, thank you @merefield. That’s saved some time!

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Hey Robert, I’m testing out the TC on a different small site and having issues with it. I don’t have the TLP plugin installed, just the helper plugin. The Topic Thumbnails TC is working as expected which I have set for the default neutral theme on this site, I have TLPTC set for the dark theme so you can see what’s happening I’m on the latest of everything.

Looks like there maybe a JavaScript error? Can you post any console errors (ignore the warnings)?