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You will need to teach yourself a bit more about how plugins work and the plugin connectors. Your picture doesn’t even include the right files. Look at the connectors folder.


Definetly! I am new to Discourse development. Actually I read a lot of documentation here, but I am learning this from you now. And yes I found the right folder now.

Now I will do a research to find out which connector is used for the upper part of the navigation.


Yes, that’s the place. The explanation you want is Beginner's Guide to Creating Discourse Plugins Part 2: Plugin Outlets - developers - Discourse Meta


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Done! Thank you again, this information has helped me a lot to learn more


Thank you for such a livesaver plugin! I can’t imagine using the forum without it.

How can I please allow the thumbnails to display along with the search results or the tag filter? Right now it only works with normal topic view inside categories, but not for searches. Can you allow it to appear in search results and tags filter as well?

Once again thanks a bunch for this amazing app!

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Glad it’s helpful.

Tag filter should work. I just tested it on mobile. Add tags and tags-mobile to all the relevant features as per the OP.

Search is not implemented. Please raise a feature request using the link in the OP. I can’t promise any specific turnaround. It may not be practical to add to the search list.


@renato, @falco I don’t believe this is a TLP bug.

To prove my point, rebuild an OP which contains a link and check the excerpt (without TLP installed). Use the excerpts Theme Component, for example


As you can see, the excerpt is polluted with a link. There is no TLP involved in the above.

However, I created a a workaround for this, and an option to exclude the links in settings:


This is only implemented in the TLP TC based setup, I’ve not backported this to the main plugin. I tend to focus on putting new features into the TC. Also no point in proliferating if this gets fixed in Core?

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