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Don’t worry Patrick. Glad to help. I will add this discussion to the OP.

If you like it’s a bit like a User Wall. It’s a bit hard to find without the user card button but it serves to show a bunch of Topics the user has authored that they wish to highlight. They have to add the tag to the Topic for it to show. Some day I might add a button to do the same which might be a bit more intuitive!

It’s particularly useful for sites that have an image focus. Sometimes users want to show off a gallery of work, eg photography, 3D design.


Got it ! I added the tag “portfolio” to some of my posts and hovering on my card shows a “Portfolio” button, then a list of my portfolio tagged posts. Now I will see about presenting them may be in tiles because they are images focus.


Great. Sorry for the limited instructions. It’s a bit complex this plugin!

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TLP now works with the official Events plugin (discourse-calendar)


I posted about glitches with automatic dark mode, but @pmusaraj pointed out it seems only related to TLP, so just raising it here again:

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Can you please elaborate? Doubt I’ll get chance to look at this imminently. You can raise a bug report


Hello! I’ve had the Topic List Previews plugin installed for a while now and I recently noticed that it’s been acting up. As you can see in the photo, sometimes the like and bookmark buttons are under the text, sometimes they’re next to the text, and other times they are behind the category box. Also, ‘read more’ is not always clickable. I thought that another plugin might’ve been interacting with this one and causing these issues but I’ve disabled them all and the issue still persists. Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

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One of my users is reporting seeing topics labeled as bookmarked in galleries even though he hasn’t actually bookmarked them. I’ve been unable to reproduce this so far but can confirm this happens for me too when I impersonate him, so it’s not a local issue. I’m not sure how to best analyze this - any suggestions?


Thanks for the report. Please report them here: Bug Report

Steps to reproduce would be helpful.

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Dear all,

I am not sure why my website have some display problem when set to Tiles.
Tiles start to overlaps each other after showing around 90 tiles.

The interesting thing is it only happen when viewing in PC with Chrome, Edge and Opera (Chromium-based browsers) but no problem when viewing with Firefox.
I also tried another two computers at my home, they all show the same problem.
(No problem when viewing in Smartphone.)

Update 1:
Testing I have done,
1, Disable all other Theme Components, but result the same.
2, Rebuild the APP, but result the same.
3, Comment out all the plugins I added in app.yml & rebuild the app, but result the same.

Update 2:
I have tried browsing the Examples web site ( you listed above.
It have the same problem as my website. So it seem the problems are not limited to my website only.

Update 3:
Thank you all. I have just summited a bug report in Pavilion.

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That’s a documented known issue on the theme component. Chrome/Chromium has a limitation. I’ve written more on the bug report and linked the existing discussion. Hence why the Theme Component is marked as ‘experimental’

You just have to consider whether it’s likely users will scroll down so many pages.

If you can live with the simpler feature set then feel free switch to the plugin which uses a more process expensive but more reliable renderer. The main downside with the plugin is tiles are NOT responsive to side bars (unlike the TC).

I aim to decommission the plugin once Chromium has resolved this limitation.


Hi there, been using this plugin for quite some time now and I am extremely grateful that you took the time to provide it for the community. I discovered a bug a week or two ago and just narrowed it down to this plugin I think. If I disable the plugin it works as intended, but once I enable TLP it happens again.

I just discovered the ability to jump to the beginning of a topic by clicking the replies link.


The dialog appears, and if I don’t click anything the page simply reloads and goes back to the home. If i click one of the options very quickly, it will load the post at the beginning or end as intended but then the page auto reloads and goes back to the home.

Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have a solution?

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Believe it or not this feature has never been implemented. You are welcome to raise a bug report. If anyone wants to have a go at a PR feel free. Otherwise I’ll get to it in time.

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