Topic List Sort By stuck on false

The category setting topic_list_sort_by is stuck on false on my site for any of the options. If I change it to descending, save the category, it works and sorts correctly until the page is refreshed and it goes back to the default, when you go back into the category settings it has reverted back to false any idea what is going on here?

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This seems to be related to this Category setting > Topic list sort by > ascending or descending, who knows? except my issue is not just a display issue, it’s actually reverting back to the default. @joffreyjaffeux is this something you could look at? Thank you!

That should fix it:

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Thanks Joffrey, but I’m afraid it’s still happening for me.

Are you sure you have this commit installed ?

Strange, it was not. I needed to rebuild so I did a git pull, does this not work the same as doing it through the docker manager gui? Either way, it’s working now, thank you very much!

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I just think you did it before it was merged/in tests-passed.