Topic list sorting bug

@joffreyjaffeux I’ve uncovered a new bug which is likely related to this fix

The previous fix did fix the sorting problem, but now when you visit a topic and then go back to the category, the sorting goes back to latest rather than following the category settings.

For example visit this category which is set to ‘Created’ and ‘Descending’, note the order of items, visit one of the topics and then go back, note the sorting has changed. If I refresh the page it will go back to the correct sorting.

Before visiting a topic:

After visiting a topic:

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Can anyone replicate this? I can’t tell if it happens on meta since I don’t think any categories are sorted by created date. It’s annoying my users greatly :smile:

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David – sorry for the delay. Engineering is looking at this but it’s a bit tricky to navigate through. It may have to wait until after our upcoming release of 2.5 depending on complexity.


Yes I can replicate this, It’s a little bit tricky, I have already spent some time digging it, will spend more time next week.


We have something similar.
Our news category is set to sort by create date. It works if you access it directly via the url News - Software AG TECHcommunity
But not if you first visit the home page and then select news from the “sections” dropdown.

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Any updates on this?

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Yes, I think that will fix it (once merged)