Topic mismatch troubleshooting


There is a conflict as above. How can I fix?

We had the same issue. I think it’s caused by an incomplete implementation of Discourse dropping the category column in recent versions. When it happened to me I blamed it on us using a non-release version of Discourse from Github, which obviously may contain incomplete feature implementations. Which Discourse version do you use?

For now, I have fixed it by re-adding the category column in the table content by installing the “Add Category Column” theme component:

The problem is that an add-in is generated. I’m trying to figure out what extension he’s doing.

Odds are this is happening cause you have a theme component or theme that is overriding the whole template, does the issue also happen in safe mode? How to use Discourse Safe Mode


Indeed! The column header mismatch problem is not present in Safe Mode.

So I know where to look. Thank you!