Muted topic is completely hidden

Hi, I’m experiencing what I think is a bug on my private forum but maybe somebody can tell me if I’m just misunderstanding something.

There is a topic which I marked as muted so I would no longer get its notifications, but doing so completely hides this topic and the only way I have found to access it is with a direct link.

I am not able to see the topic via:

  • The landing page (categories) right-hand Latest column.
  • The dedicated Latest page.
  • The category index that this topic is a child of.

A little bit about my setup:

  • I am an admin on this forum.
  • The category can only be accessed by a specific user group.
  • I am not a member of this user group.

Where am I supposed to be able to find this topic listed? Personally I would find it reasonable for a muted topic to appear in all 3 of the lists mentioned above, but the category index especially.

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As you can see in the Muted description “You will never be notified of anything about this topic and it will not appear in the Latest

So it’s not a bug but the desired behavior. Why don’t you simply mark that topic as Normal? You will be notified only if someone mention your name or reply directly to you.


Hi, thanks for the explanation. I didn’t previously understand the meaning of Normal, I used to think it meant set the topic’s notification settings to normal for me, which would be email me about everything. I had that backwards but I think I get it now so in future I will know how to handle it.

Hypothetically speaking… how would I even get into this post to change it from Muted to Tracking? Such as if I muted it accidentally, just changed my mind, or had misunderstandings about how the tracking system worked (:blush:).

I now accept that it’s understandable that muted topics don’t appear under the Categories Latest section or the Latest page. However I think if I enter a category I should be able to see all of the topics in there, or at least some indication that there are hidden topics.

@codinghorror, @zogstrip: To reiterate, after marking a topic as Muted, how do I get back into it to mark it as Normal if I change my mind?

Appending ?state=muted to /latest
will show you all topics that are muted for you.

You can find that link in your preferences under the Categories tab, below the muted categories field.

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You can find that link in your preferences under the Categories tab, below the muted categories field.

Thank you! That’s useful to know.

Personally I think that Muted completely hiding these topics is way overkill, the name implies that I am muting topic notifications, not erasing it from my whole forum experience.
I don’t think that the full explanation text (You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear in latest.) at all clearly explains the consequences of this action (and this is forgiving that the full text is only shown in small font in a menu, the main text in the page is only: You are ignoring all notifications on this topic.).
But if this is all working as intended then so be it, thanks Trash and Osama for the explanations. :slight_smile:

I think muted should not hide category from category list, and affect only Latest/Unread/(maybe)Top and Notifications.

Due to misunderstanding set important category with huge amount of new topics as muted by default for new users, and only today realized what I had done

I hadn’t realized it worked this way. This seems strange given that the option is for “Tracking”, and the other options are all only for notifications.

The “Hide” behavior seems like a better fit as its own action alongside bookmark, flag, etc.

You are talking about something different than the first post. The first post is on muting a topic, you are referring to muting a category.

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Oh, I see. But still related - in both cases “Muted” does not mean what it should be.
In topic description:
No word that topic will be hidden from Category page, only in Latest.


This option should hide on “Suggested Topics” list too? Sometimes I see muted topic in this section…