Topic progress indicator, one version for all viewport widths

(Enrique Balleste) #1

Hi! Noticed that the topic progress indicator got a big revamp on the new version of Discourse and was wondering if there was an easy way to revert to having the bottom widget version, only, for all viewport widths. We have a design problem where the right hand gutter was removed and would like to have the bottom widget still present on the desktop version but can’t find a straightforward way to get it to show. Thanks for any help!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Size the browser to a narrow width and you will get the mobile style progress bar.

(Enrique Balleste) #3

Hi Jeff, thanks for responding, was wondering if there is a way to have the mobile style progress bar even when viewing the forum from a desktop browser. Trying to override it with some css rules but not having any success with it.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Not that I am aware of.

(Enrique Balleste) #5

Yeah, just noticed the whole code block is completely removed and re-injected in larger viewports so I guess targeting it with css is pointless, thanks for your response.

(cpradio) #6

You might be able to do this via a Plugin by reopening and overriding the _checkSize method at


Why is this hardcoded and not a setting instead?