Weird Topic Progress Bar Behavior

Not sure if this is just because I’m doing things users aren’t expected to do, but I noticed the topic progress bar just started acting weird.

It covers posts at certain widths.

It correctly collapses when it narrows:

But when it narrows further it expands again:

Here is a video of the behavior:

I first noticed the issue on my forum where I’d used CSS to make the Desktop View fit on mobile screens to get the embedded posts for quotes. It worked fine for months and I only just noticed I no longer had a topic progress bar on small screens. Here’s how it acts on my site (this is in Desktop View):

Unless you can repro it here this is an issue with your site css and theming.

My screen shots and first video are on meta.discourse.

You have a non default theme chosen so… not really?

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Sorry I just picked a theme from the menu. Which theme do you want me to reproduce it on?

Try in incognito mode in your browser to start. Then you know you are getting all defaults. Or since that is what it is for.

Same behaviour in incognito mode


Yeah I’m seeing the same thing… seems like performance took a hit somewhere? (also noticed the avatar/topic layout wraps at a specific width, investigating that)