Topic Ratings Plugin

Thanks for setting up the VPS. I was able to change update the ratings on your VPS too. I suspect you’re trying to do the thing via an API? I can assist you with that on a PM.

Just be clear, can you confirm everything works fine with the discourse UI and only an issue while using the API?

Although, I see a small issue with the category settings but that’s not completely related I guess?


I think I know what you are pointing at. Are you pointing at the fact that when you open the composer with Uncategorized selected, it doesn’t show any rating options in the UI. Yes, that’s a bug but I couldn’t gather that from your explaination :sweat_smile:

As reported Topic Ratings Plugin - #353 by Arkshine ; the event bug happens with either composer or using the API.

Not sure what issue you’re referring, but it should not be related to the event generated.

This is NOT my issue, this is NOT what I’ve reported. I’m really confused, don’t you see the event bug, despite the screenshot, videos & explanations?

Will try again: whatever you post with composer or with the API, the generated event, here post_created or post_edited should include the actual ratings values after saving. Currently it includes the previous value.

I post a message with rating of 5:

  • current behavior: post_created event includes ratings: []
  • expected behavior: post_created event should include the value of 5: ratings: [value: 5, ...]

I edit the same message with rating of 1:

  • current behavior: post_edited event includes ratings: [value: 5, ...]
  • expected behavior: post_edited event should include the new value of 1: ratings: [value: 1, ...]
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Are you referring to the webhook event?

Yes, this is what I talked about since the start, I believe?

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You used the word event but it would have sufficed for you to have said webhook event. Our current code doesnt pass the rating details correctly to the webhook payload.

I do acknowledge the confusion on my part too.

I think its an intresting usecase though. Can you create a feature request on our Pavilion instance?

Come one, I know my english is not the best, but I showed you many times with screenshot and video, the webhook events panel, describing exactly the ratings field value issue, with the name of the events post_created/post_edited (with code formatting) which can be only webhook event names…

Alright, will create a bug report there.

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I said feature request coz we don’t gurantee(yet) that the webhook payload will reflect the custom fields we create for our plugins. But we’re flexible on what the reports should be called. :wink:

Can you create a bug report on

I dont underestand these new options. where are they explained?


Hi @hosna
I do realize we’re a bit behind in terms of documention how the new ratings system works for the admin. Although, there’s this topic which can help you get through initially. Rating Types - Ratings - Pavilion

Secondly, if you can point out the pain points in setting up the plugin, I can help you out via a PM and can write more docs which would be helpful for others too.


Was playing around with the plugin to see how it works and as of now ( Discourse 5cff198aba with latest Ratings Plugin), there is a small bug that I thought I would let you guys know about:

If you try to filter the replies on a topic per user, the result is blank, does not show any results. It does “finish” loading/filtering, but it’s just blank, empty.

This happens with both the new reply filter option and the default one. However, the new message/reply filter option does work perfectly and it is my understanding that this new filter leverages on the user-reply-filter that doesn’t seem to work when the Topic Ratings Plugin is enabled.

If you disable the Plugin, it works as usual.

Thanks for the great work you guys do!

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Thanks for the catch. can you report it at Bug Report

Thanks for the plugin!

Can have a small feature that restrict rating base on the account age / days visited / posts read / topics posted etc to prevent user creating new accounts and manipulate the ratings?


Please make a feature request here. Feature Request

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Hi, when topic have for example 5-10 rating parameters it can be too much to display them at topics listing, search results, etc. Can your plugin:

  1. Auto-calculate the average number of all ratings at 1 message and display avg number at each message with ratings?
  2. Auto-calculate average number for all avg rating of rating messages inside topic and display it at topics listing?

If not - how fast you can add such enough simple feature, please?


Can this link be updated with a topic that exhibits the rating functionality, thank you!

Updated link in first post.

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Our community members often submit solutions as new topics. We’d love to implement a plugin like this so community members could validate the functionality, usability and security of submitted solutions. We are intrigued by this plugin.

We are on a Discourse-hosted business plan, and it appears that this plugin can only be installed on communities not hosted by Discourse.

As there doesn’t appear to be anything similar in the plugin directory, does anyone have any recommendations on how to implement custom ratings on a per-topic level within specific categories?


Not that I’m aware of. It’s probably worth discussing this with support though.

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Hey, the plugin is breaking the reply composer. Not the background, that’s just firefox being firefox, but I cant see the preview and upload images. Please fix this ASAP.