Topic replies are not displaying in chronological order?

Is there a way to force posts to display in chronological order? I have topics on my forum that sometimes push reply posts down to the very end, rather than staying in chronological order. (I don’t understand precisely when this behavior happens.)

For example, here I have two recent posts followed by an old post:

This example comes from this topic:

Thank you!


Not an answer, but it’s worth noting that the incorrect order happens even in safe mode. I’ve never seen this before.


Did some of these posts get merged in from another topic?


Yes, it looks like staff merged posts into the topic. You may want to have a discussion with your staff members about that.


Got it, thank you for the help! Is there any way to re-sort these posts chronologically?

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I’ve had this happen in a thread where I’m 100% confident that no merge occurred; the “reply” post got pushed down to the bottom, out of chronological order. Is there any way that we can fix this?

For example, note that the “3d” post is below the “2d” post here:

(Ironically, this happened on a post about fixing this very issue :laughing: )

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I’m not aware of any way this can happen other than topic merges. The other possibility is some kind of underlying issue with the install?