Moved posts to existing topic - dates out of order

Not sure if this is the correct behaviour, but when moving posts to an existing topic do the posts “blend” together by date or do all the posts that are “merged in” appear at the bottom and dates are ignored.

I moved posts with older dates (20 day ago) to an existing topic with existing posts (many are 10 days ago), but the older dated posts appear that the bottom and the date order is being ignored. Can this be fixed?


I believe that is expected behaviour. If they interspersed throughout the topic based on date they’d break the flow of conversation.


Yes, and also both approaches (randomly mix dates vs. append) have their downsides so there is no perfect solution here regardless.


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We just moved some posts from the topic [1] to a newly created topic at [2] on our forum and found the order of posts just completely reversed. As far as I am concerned, this is the first time such thing happened to us. Normally, all posts selected have been attached to the new topic in the same order they have been listed before.

Does anyone have an idea why this just happened to us? We are running 2.4.0.beta8.

Thanks already for taking the time and with kind regards,

[1] Phänologischer Kalender - Umweltdatenquellen - Hiveeyes
[2] Entwicklung von »phenodata« - Umweltdatenquellen - Hiveeyes

The moved posts kept their dates. That topic was created on Nov’18 and those posts you moved were made in April. And they still keep their dates as expected.

That’s true. Probably, they have already been moved to this topic the other day.

While this might be true, they definitively appeared in reversed order after moving them to (now deleted). I’ve manually picked each single post into the right order within Entwicklung von »phenodata« - Umweltdatenquellen - Hiveeyes now.