Topic/replies structure

I’m new to discourse and maybe do not understand structure of replies and replies to replies. Maybe this is optimised for forum-like communities (updates are organised for users to know what happens with relevant topics and replies, where he’s mentioned?)
Why replies are not organised in hierarchical way like in all social media (twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) where you can reply to reply to reply and there’s a easy to navigate structure.
As I see now in discourse replies just appear after one another and looks similar. Is this the best way to organise replies?
Is it possible to have with plug-in structure like in twitter?
Another question: is there a plug-in to have voting like in Reddit? Can it be implemented into “cheers” gamification plug-in?
Thanks :pray:
I will really appreciate if someone will explain logic behind topics and replies organisation, especially if forum will have hundreds of thousands, or even millions users. Is it possible for Discourse to be effective managing information flow for such numbers of users? Thank You :pray:


The idea is that everyone should read all posts on a topic, not just the ones they agree with. You can tell which post a reply is replying to. It’s virtually impossible to read replies in Facebook as it takes nearly two clicks per post to be able to read them. In discourse you just keep scrolling.

If you have millions of users, as some discourse forums do, it’s best that they not all participate in a single topic.

Yes there are some plugins that will let you vote on things.

Edit: see also The Universal Rules of Civilized Discourse