Topic Template "Templates"

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

On one of my sites, we make significant use of topic templates. We use them as “forms”, particularly in our “support” category where we ask for basic information “what’s the problem”, “software version”, etc. Our support category has numerous subcategories, each corresponding to a product we support. Each subcategory, however, uses the same topic template. Currently, if we want to update the template we have to do so manually for every single subcategory. It would be nice if we could define Topic Templates elsewhere, something similar to the canned replies plugin comes to mind, where we can then reference a template in category settings. That way, we only need to make the change once, and all the categories are updated, instead of the current manual system.

(Michael Hunger) #2

I would love this too. We have the same issue in our 3 larger Q&A categories.

Is there any way to achieve that out of the box with discourse?