Topic Title input should not lose focus after image upload succeeds

This is a minor usability issue report.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Copy a huge image into clipboard (e.g. Ctrl+C on Win, Command+C on Mac)
  2. Click on the “New Topic” button
  3. Focus the Message editor area
  4. Paste the image from clipboard (e.g. Ctrl+V on Win, Command+V on Mac)
  5. Immediately focus the Title input and start typing
  6. At some point in time, the image upload is done and the focus moves to the Message editor. If you’re typing the Title at that time, some characters will appear in the Message editor rather than in the Title input. Now you have to delete those characters, move the focus back to the Title input, and continue typing the title.

What is expected instead: Title input should not lose focus.


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@maja can you add that to your list?

We don’t want to steal the focus whenever an upload has finished.

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This is fixed per