Topic Votes don't transfer when merging accounts


I searched for a topic but couldn’t find one addressing the same issue I’m facing.

When I merge an old account that has voted on many topics into a new account:

  • The votes aren’t transferred.
  • The vote count on threads remains unchanged, even though the merged old account no longer exists (since the old account is deleted after merging).

Is there perhaps an option somewhere to address this, or do I need to fork the plugin to attempt a fix? I’m uncertain about the best way to resolve this, so any guidance from experienced users/devs would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

(Voting plugin version 0.5, Discourse latest-release +403)

Sometimes these things come good after the daily background job runs. How long ago was the merge?

2 hours ago on a staging Discourse, so no load

I had a small test of this and I think you’re right. The topic-voting votes don’t appear to be merged even after the background job runs. I think they may have been deleted from the database though, so I’m unsure if they can be restored (without using a pre-merge backup).

I think we do merge poll votes, for instance, so it should theoretically be possible. Let me look into it and see what I can find out. :+1:

Thank you for taking the time :slight_smile:
I’ll wait :wink:

We have the same issue.

Doesn’t seem like this bug report was actually forwarded to devs. 3 months later and no one ever came back to the topic.

The topic being in the bug category means that it’s been brought to the attention of the relevant people. :+1: Though I don’t believe a fix has been prioritised at this time.

But having multiple reports of it being an issue can often bump it up the list. :crossed_fingers: