Votes don't Merge when we combine posts


We use the Voting plugin for our Official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums and love it. However, we are having an issue where when we attempt to merge an entire post into another, none of the votes merge over.

We would love to figure what is happening to help us organize the forums better for voting when we have duplicate posts but want to keep votes when merged. Any help would be appreciated.

Repro step example:

  1. Enter post with ‘5 votes’.
  2. Select all posts, move to existing topic with ‘10 votes’.
  3. All posts move, votes remain at ‘10 votes’.


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We did just fix a bug relating to this recently. Are you seeing any errors in /logs?

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Did a merging test, unfortunately no errors. If there was a recent fix is it possible we aren’t up to date on the latest version?

Here is what I am seeing: