Votes don't Merge when we combine posts


We use the Voting plugin for our Official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums and love it. However, we are having an issue where when we attempt to merge an entire post into another, none of the votes merge over.

We would love to figure what is happening to help us organize the forums better for voting when we have duplicate posts but want to keep votes when merged. Any help would be appreciated.

Repro step example:

  1. Enter post with ‘5 votes’.
  2. Select all posts, move to existing topic with ‘10 votes’.
  3. All posts move, votes remain at ‘10 votes’.



We did just fix a bug relating to this recently. Are you seeing any errors in /logs?


Did a merging test, unfortunately no errors. If there was a recent fix is it possible we aren’t up to date on the latest version?

Here is what I am seeing:


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Checking in on this if you have any other tips for potentially solving this issue? Thanks!

Unfortunately we don’t increment version numbers on plugins very often so that’s not a great indicator of being up to date. What version of Discourse are you running on? That might be a better help to understand when the site was last updated. I’d definitely recommend updating the site if you can and haven’t yet.


Discourse 2.6.0.beta5 as of right now. I’ll get it updated to beta6 to see if that helps.

We are now updated to Discourse 2.7.0.beta1 but unfortunately the bug still persists.

Curious - are there duplicate users who have voted on both topics? That might be a holdup here.


Unfortunately not - Just did a test trying to merge a topic with about 100 votes into one with about 500 (made sure there were some different users), but the topic remained at 500 votes after merging in the smaller one. Mostly hoping to use this feature as we often get duplicate posts so it would help a lot to clean up our forums and consolidate the votes for the developers.


Hopefully some progress can be made on this issue. That’s all I am asking Santa for this year! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Jummivana I just had a look at this on a dev install and was not able to reproduce.

@JuiceBox – can you provide steps to reproduce what you’re seeing?

Are you both seeing this with vote counts > 50? > 150? Or even on smaller topics too?

Hi @justin, thanks for the help. Here is a video showing the steps to reproduce:

Attempt at merging a “4 vote” thread with a “2 vote” thread. End up with 2 votes.

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And to confirm again, does not show any errors? Or if it does, can you paste the output here?

Here are all the recent errors:

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I’ve tried to reproduce this but cannot unfortunately. Are you configured on our official install guide?

I know we made some changes to the plugin in recent months in how the data is stored, and if you’re on a non-standard install, there might be some problems with that.

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Thanks! I forwarded this question to our web team as I’m not positive how they installed it. I believe we followed the official guide. They are out for the holidays now but will try to get a response ASAP.


Good morning.

Just for fun, I spun up a one-click Discourse app on Digital Ocean to see if I could repo this issue. The forums are running 2.7.0.beta1.

I installed the plugin per the instructions here, and enabled it ‘Site Feedback’. I added in one topic, and then merged it into a topic with no votes and the votes did not carry over.

There are no relevant logs in /logs, and nothing was thrown in the JavaScript Console either.

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One click isn’t a supported Discourse install, so that might be an issue.

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Okay, I’ll go through the documented process over the weekend and get back to you on Monday.

Edit: Running it now

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Hi Justin…

Followed this guide to install the forums, and voting works as expected.

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