Topics by muted users should not appear in Latest

Muted topics and categories will not appear in Latest, but topics started by muted users still show up in Latest. In the Discourse forum I’m using, we have a “Lounge” category where off-topic stuff can be posted. The community is mature enough to make that category an enjoyable experience, but there’s this one users who repeatedly posts about random news articles nobody finds interesting and treats it like his personal Twitter “Oh hey guys I had eggs for breakfast today”. He only posts in the lounge which allows off-topic discussion, so he’s technically not breaking any rules. A lot of us in the community have tried flagging his posts as “Something Else” explaining how even though the Lounge allows off-topic discussion, there needs to be a line that can’t be crossed, but the site moderators turn a deaf ear to our pleas since he’s technically not breaking any rules.

I don’t want to have to mute an entire category I typically enjoy just so I don’t have to see this guy’s posts – it would be very nice if muted users’ topics did not appear in Latest.


That would be a big scope increase in how muting a user works, though. Basically all topics started by that user would need to be muted immediately after creation for the users who have that user muted.

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Wouldn’t it be cleaner to just filter out topics by those users directly instead of muting every thread they made?

Couldn’t you add a remove_muted_users filter and add it in to topic_query.rb on line 220?

result = remove_muted_users(result, @user)

That actually sounds helpful, being able to remove certain users posts that really aren’t your interest or just are annoying.

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