Topics preview gone - upgrade from 2.6 to.2.9

Dear support,

I just upgraded from 2.6 to 2.9. However, a list of threads preview under the topic photos are gone (desktop view). Mobile version is ok.

Pls see below screenshot. You will see that under the topic photo (red arrow) are gone. May i know how to fix it?

Using this theme

(Desktop version)

Mobile version (you see I white out each topics)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey @supra2020

Are your theme components up to date?

Does the issue also occur in safe mode?



Hi Stephen, thanks very much for your help.

I tried safe mode with no theme, but problem still exist. Please see below. You can see the bottom, i draw an arrow to show.

(Safe mode, no theme)

Again, thanks a lot.

any luck or hint? Thanks again :pray::pray:


I checked and found out that the category description under the photo logo is not shown in Desktop version., it may cause the missing list of threads issue.

May i know whether we can disable the description to show in front page, but can show after i click to go inside the category? It might solve the problem.

Thanks again.