Trading buttons: Buy, Sell, Exchange

(Janno Liivak) #1

I have created a simple plugin that allows category to show trading buttons above topic title. Still needs unit tests but it’s usable as a simple solution for sell/purchase/exchange type of categories.

You just enable the plugin. Allow appropriate buttons in category settings:

And every topic gets those buttons above title (of course you have to be the owner of a topic):

After you press the button you get confirmation whether you would like to continue and if you do continue the topic will be archived and it gets prefix according to the button you pressed:

Feel free to use it of fork it. Or if you are a dev and see something that’s not quite correct I’m all ears :wink:
Also, if you would like to add translations, create a pull request.

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(Anton) #2

Hi @Janno_Liivak, how it is different to using Buy, Sell and Exchange tags?

(Janno Liivak) #3

Such tags would just say that topic is about selling or purchasing or exchange and it makes topic easier to find.

My plugin is suitable for when you have trade categories… creator of topic can archive it using a button even after allowed changing time has passed.

(Anton) #4

So, the main feature is for the topic author to be able to archive a topic, or is there something else?

Also, can they close the topic rather than archive?

(Janno Liivak) #5

Right now it’s only archiving topics. Why would you need closing instead of archiving? Archiving freezes a topic and topic is removed from top lists and digest emails etc. but closing doesn’t.

Difference between closing and archiving…

(Anton) #6

Okay, I see what you mean.

In our community, closing instead of archiving makes sense:

  1. People see how active the category is and how much sales are going on. This encourages people to us our market rather than / in addition to other markets.

  2. People see examples of what was sold quickly and what was not.

  3. People can quickly skim topics and find examples of how other people describe their animals (in our case it’s a goat market, so there is only one kind of things people are selling in ot, and examples are a good thing in this case).

(Janno Liivak) #7

But how do you keep the trading category current when you have closed and active topics mixed? Why do you think people coming to your site will want to look at the closed topics and not what are current offers/requests? In my case moderators bulk-move sold/purchased topics under the archive category so that items will not show up for non-moderators but topics will be available unaltered for future reference (in case somebody does something illegal).

Anyway… if there are enough people with need for closing instead of archiving, I will add this feature.

(Anton) #8

Community members tell us so.

(Anton) #9

Well, we don’t need this feature, but thanks for proposing. What we do is we set topic timers automatically for all ads in the category, so that they auto-close 1 month after the last reply. We also encourage people to write in their topics piblicly when an item gets sold, or they decide not to sell it anymore. This way buyers can comment before a topic gets closed, which is also good for content, and for other potential advertisers to watch the dynamics of the market.

Why I was asking is I wanted to find out whether there are any other features than that.

(Anton) #10

Is the development still active? Plugin still supported? Anyone uses it?

(Janno Liivak) #11

Is there a problem with this plugin? I haven’t done any changes as it does everything I need :slight_smile: