Transfer passwords from Wordpress to Discourse?

Hi, just asking this as I want to know all options in advance… I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer passwords from Wordpress to Discourse if one would decide to delete their Wordpress at one point in time when Wordpress is used as the SSO provider. From the post below the solution given was having a password reset link, I was hoping there would be some alternative method to port it over like transferring passwords and how this would be done.

Also as a sidenote, maybe @simon you can supplement your answer below if applicable as the topic is closed: is it possible to send out a batch password reset email to users? It could be for a case as described in the topic below, but also if there has been a security breach perhaps.

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For this to work, it would need to be possible to set a Discourse password through the API. I’m fairly sure this can’t be done. The best information I can find about it is here: Is there an API for changing a password?. It is suggesting to trigger the password reset email through the API.

Yes, one approach would be to write a script that loops through your users and makes the API call that’s given in the previous post I linked to. It is possible that you will run into API rate limit issues with that. Here’s another way it could be done: Reset user password by Admin.


Several import scripts import passwords with the help of a plugin. Migrated password hashes support

You could conceivably do something similar to pull passwords over.


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