Planning a Migration to Discourse, looking for planning advice

I run a medium sized forum in phpBB. Currently has about 5500 members, 33k topics and 290K posts. It is has a integrated wiki (mediawiki ~ 400 pages) and has blog front end (Wordpress - 40 pages). I am looking at a possible platform change.

I would like to replicate the functionality with Wordpress and Discourse.

I am interested in your thoughts on the following:

  1. Using wp-discourse plugin to allow wordpress to manage userids and passwords (SSO) for discourse. Any issues, gotchas, for a discourse board of this size?

  2. Implementation. Do you recommend migrating the users/passwords from phpBB to Wordpress and the forum data from phpBB to Discourse? Is there a better way?

I will be setting up a test environment to test, but am interested in lessons learned, best practices or plain, “That is stupid, do it this way…”

thank you

Unless you have a compelling reason for wordpress be in charge of passwords, I’d recommend having discourse be the SSO master. You can see my notes on migrations see Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC


SSO is required between the two systems. It is why I asked the question. Is there a way for Discourse to be the SSO master and wordpress be the slave.

I was hoping the article you posted was something of value. It only turned out to be a sales circular for your services.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes, Discourse can be the SSO master. It generally has a better user experience for logins than does WordPress, but I’m clearly biased.

Yes, my migration page is largely about my doing the work for money (it’s how I make my living), but most of the questions there also inform doing the migration yourself. For example, it describes some details about importing passwords.