Translate link or button/icon not showing

(Michael) #1

In the description for the translator plugin it shows an earth-icon for translation using microsoft service - i am trying to get that/test that butcan’t get an icon or anything else to show up.

referring to my question here: Can we have have one post with two different language

  • i should change my locale to another one than the posts locale --> do i switch my user locale by setting a different language in USER > INTERFACE > LANGUAGE?
    If so, it doesn’t work for me…

It makes me feel a bit worried that there are no posts in this category yet - nobody else using this translator plugin??

Next question:
Is there a way to override the plugin translations and translate to a certain language manually?
Those pinned posts and category descriptions, important stuff i would translate to 2 languages but would want to show the user the correct language according to his user-locale, if available…

here Can we have have one post with two different language @elijah suggests to use something like <p lang=“en”> and <p lang=“ar”> // trying that doesn’t work for me either - but would come close to what i would like to do - if lang=en show that EN text, if lang=ar show AR text (hide the other one) - if other lang -> show default locale text