Missing translation button

I have the plugin installed and it works well most of the time.
But there are cases where the translate button is not shown. I think I found the common pattern of those cases, it is when the post start by a quote. It looks like the language detected is then the English instead of the language of the content the user has posted.
For the record we use the translation service of Google.
Here is an example of such post: Add start date and end date on party relationship - Ideas - Tryton Discussion which is missing the translation button when accessing the page with the English language.

I’m not able to test this, but that sounds likely to be the cause of the issue. When you are seeing this, is the quote at the start of the post in English, or is it in the same language as you are wanting to translate from?

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As far as I see, it is in the same language.
By the way is there a way to force/override the language detected?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. I don’t have a site that I can test the plugin on though.

The case of posts starting with a quote being detected as English is strange. Do you know if that happens consistently? If so, I’m wondering if something about the quote’s markup could be triggering the issue.

No there are posts starting with quote that are correctly translatable.
But as far as I saw those for which we are missing the translate button are all starting with a quote.

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