Translate Wordpress roles to Discourse groups

Thanks for the great plugin, guys!

I was wondering that you would add a “roles” functionality to it. I saw that I am not alone with the struggle and maybe it wouldn’t be too much of a development either.

It would be great if the plugin export and “translate” the user roles in WordPress to Discourse groups, so for example the WooCommerce customers could have access to certain closed topics, or those who only registered with their emails could access less than those who bought a membership.

I know that there are plugin-specific solutions (I am looking for one for a Woocommerce-site), but if the plugin handled roles it would solve them at once.

Even without the need of cross-creation: it would be enough if one could set the equivalents from a dropdown of the already existing roles / groups.

What do you think about it?

Hey there @Golaxo,

You put your finger on the issue here. The standard user roles in Wordpress are not translatable to Discourse: “editor”, “contributor”, etc don’t mean the same thing in Discourse as they do in Wordpress. There isn’t a use case that calls for this kind of “role” translation, and I don’t think that’s what you’re after either (but please correct me if I’m wrong).

What you’re after is a Discourse groups sync for a specific provider, namely WooCommerce. As you alluded, there’s a solution for that here

The reason there isn’t a “generic” version of this in the WP Discourse plugin itself is because each Wordpress plugin that provides a “groups” feature does so in different ways. The way WooCommerce handles groups is different from how other Wordpress plugins do it.

But if you’re having issues with the WooCommerce membership sync you could always ask me about that in that topic :slight_smile:

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