Translation missing for Reply

Hi there,

Since last update, the “Reply” button is not translated anymore. The others translations are working good.

See below (french discourse) :

It seems @neil has reintroduced a nasty change that @codinghorror undid on Feb 7th.

Commit that reintroduced post/topic Reply translations for some languages (doesn’t seem to be all of them?)

Commit that @codinghorror did to revert that nastiness a while ago

From what I can tell, @neil’s commit was done on Feb 13th, so I’m surprised it took this long to notice the issue again.

The key underlying issue to the problem is the Reply key is supposed to look like

But FR and several other languages have:

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This means my fixes work :clap:t2:

Yeah I think we forgot to push our changes to transifex. Will fix once I get back near a computer.


For me, I know the difference between Reply (to post) and Reply (to topic) and the single word “Reply” is fine for both uses.

Might there be some languages where a single word would not be adequate? I don’t know.

The PR that introduced the split was only for customizing the words in admin in english. I haven’t seen any problems raised by translators.

If it can help finding the bug, i didn’t customize any words translation.

Make sure we only have one translation for reply button, we do not need to distinguish between “reply to topic” and “reply to post”.