Turkish Translation needs some love

I’m reaching out on behalf of someone else who doesn’t have access to Meta anymore. I don’t recall the username, but on Sitepoint he goes by @ogsocials (his username on Meta was @o.g).

In short, he is having issues with the Turkish translation and customizing site text. After digging into it tonight, the issue is quite clear, the Turkish Translations needs some love and other languages may be in the same situation.

First let’s look at the request I received:
“The reply button is in english and I’d like to customize it to Turkish”

Seems simple enough, Customize Site Text should be sufficient, right? Well, not so fast.

It ends up the Turkish translation does not have the appropriate keys for the Reply button.

As you can see, it has reply with sub-keys title and help.

The English version is very different:

There is another layer of keys that does not exist in the Turkish language and as such, and I’ve confirmed on my sandbox, when in Turkish, you cannot customize these keys. They show up in a search, but the customization does not take. I imagine this is because the Turkish file itself does not have the appropriate structure so it continues to fallback to English, but I’m guessing here (as I’m not 100% well versed in translations).

All I can say is I did the following to verify it is impossible to translate the post or topic reply buttons.

  1. Set your default locale to Turkish
  2. Go to Customize > Site Text
  3. Search for ‘Reply’
  4. Click on js.topic.reply.post.title
  5. Customize the Text and Save it
  6. Navigate to topic, refresh the page, text has not updated

I have a feeling that Transfix needs to be updated first for this issue to resolve itself and permit users in the Turkish language to customize their site text, but again, I could be wrong here. Can anyone a bit more versed in Translations give this a quick lookover and verify what I’ve uncovered?

Looks like all languages in the format xx_XX are missing this keys, let me take a look.


Wait, no, this was the erroneous community PR that got checked in, the bad translation that decided “hey we need to distinguish between reply-to-the-topic and reply-to-the-post”. Which was… :poop:

Reply should NOT be broken into these two fields.

So the English translation file is the one that is wrong, probably an artifact of that disastrous PR.

I have this PR that fixes this for locales with territory code:


Now English and most languages are right, rolling this back would be more work.

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I am sorry but your PR is incorrect. WE DO NOT WANT to distinguish this text.

I will commit the code personally if I have to.

English MUST be fixed. The other languages ARE correct. This is all fallout from that hideous community PR.

Other languages have this atrocity too

Based on this commit, it seems the broken out version was intended…

The breakage is here:


If that is what @zogstrip pulled forward, it was done incorrectly. I’ll do it myself if I have to.

Such a dumb, dumb change in that PR – completely pointless and breaks every translation for a key button.

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Ah, yeah, that is definitely related to the problem.

Every part of that PR fills me with rage. Plus all the disastrous fallout to date.

All right @cpradio can you check my work?


:angel: YAML

  title: 'Reply'
  help: 'begin composing a reply to this topic'

:angel: i18n string keys


:japanese_ogre: YAML

  title: 'Svar'
  title: 'Svar'
  help: 'begynd at skrive et svar til dette emne'

:japanese_ogre: i18n string keys


It looks legit. From what I can tell it seems to remove it entirely from all places. :thumbsup:

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Just ran it on my sandbox, the test works now. Customizable in Turkish and all! Thanks!


Me right now :unamused:


It was a weird PR, I only blame you a little tiny bit.