Trial plan to Purchasing Plan Question

I am about to finish the 14 days free trial.

The org I am connected to plans to use what was created during the trial and now purchase a plan.

Their procurement isn’t going to be dialed in time for end of day 14.

Obvious the free trial ‘ends’, but the community won’t be deleted after the 14day? They could even purchase, say the 20th day after, and that community could be still setup (and not built again from scratch)?


Hi Ryan,

When the free trial ends your community gets put into read only mode, The site doesn’t get taken down immediately I think I’ve read somewhere it takes a week or so? That should hopefully be enough time for your organisation to start a paid service. You could always complete a site backup just in case and restore it if needs be if the organisation can’t procure Discourse in time.


Super useful. I really appreciate the feedback.

Know of someone else, a moderator I should ping to get confirmation for that week-post time frame?

Potentially @MarkDoerr since the new discourse I setup is hosted by Americas West?

As a hosted customer you can contact us directly any time for support queries at


Will do. Much thanks

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You’re right, but note that after a few months, the website will be deleted or whatever this means:
Edit: Sucks that the forum above had to go, because there was a cool and big roleplay there.

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Much appreciated. I also emailed the support email

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