Trimming elides markdown format

We encounter an issue when email contain hyphens underlining a line, which markdown recognises as a heading. This is trimmed away by the trim algo. We have to always show the trimmed content since many people use our instance by email only.

Steps to reproduce:

Basically in the Advanced Email test enter:

This is text before


This is text after

Which in markdown would be rendered as:

This is text before


This is text after

The result is that the text before the header is removed and after is elided!

Is there a way to adjust the trimming to not elide lines of hyphens that follows a line with the same number of characters? At least markdown seems to be able to deal with that.

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Have you tried disabling the setting trim incoming emails ?

Yes of course disabling the trimming does not elide the next :slight_smile:
However, the problem then comes when people reply to a very very long email thread via email and then all that thread is shown the web view. That is not nice. Hence I would like to re-enable the trimming!

So you want the trim feature enable but the ----- signature removal feature? That’s tricky. Can users be told to use ATX headings instead of Setext headings?


As the lead developer of the application that creates the emails @artur talks about: Yes, we could change it (or use ^^^^ instead of ---- in the “underline”), but this is technically not markdown but simply a text/plain email that’s formatted in a “nice” way for humans. And the “underlined” headings do look a bit nicer IMHO than using markdown-style # something headings

Anyway, don’t email signatures that are delimited with -- usually have a blank line right before the -- line? So maybe that could be taken into account when parsing emails?


I think thats handled here

If you want to propose a PR we can take a look at it. It’s a tricky area, as regressions are very visible.


I just tested that using a mix of characters i.e. -=-=-=-= does not does get trimmed away.

Seems one should just use characters which are not in the delimiter list…