Chat buttons not working

Chat buttons are not working after latest update
I even tried disabling all the plugins and safe mode.
Please help

/chat, /chat/direct-messages is redirecting to /latest
This is the error I am getting when clicking on the chat button

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I cannot reproduce this. You still have to enable official plugins to use chat in safe mode. When you go into safe mode, are you checking the boxes like this? If not, try those options and see if it works.

What other plugins are you running? any un-official ones?


I am not using any un-official plugin
I also tried those options in safe mode

Did you manage to get this working? :crossed_fingers:

I can reproduce the problem. Somehow, there is an issue when you delete all default channels, disable public channels, and there are no DMs. Everything works fine until you open full-screen chat. That does not work, and because the chat button opens the chat in the mode you used last, the button is broken.
As a workaround, you can change one of the parameters needed to reproduce the issue, e.g., start a DM or enable public channels.