Trouble with hbs ValueList as non-admin--what to use instead?

I’ve got code on my that works as admin (and has worked for a long while as regular users, I’m pretty sure) that is now failing as a regular user.

When I include this code on the page, it works as an admin, but not as a regular user:


I checked that the regular user has access to this.server.custom_plugins and

What strikes me as strange is that if I hit the page as a regular user, the page renders nothing, not even the {{log ...}} lines in the hbs that do log if the errant lines are removed.

Error occurred:

- While rendering:

And another <ValueList..> is also causing the same problem. Is there something else I should use? I think that I thought . . . wait. The only place I see <ValueList> is in a admin component.

I’m using this selector to allow users to select plugins, like this:

I can’t remember what I was doing before. I think I did this for the Ember 5 upgrade?

Is there something else I should do?

EDIT: I guess <ValueList is only for admins and now I have a vague memory of creating my own valueList and then wondering why I’d done so and deleting it.


I found the PvalueList that I had created before (and had just copied from the value-ilist in admin) and restored it from github.


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