Truncated (larger) articles


:one: I’m running a standard installation of Discourse (with all the latest code from the main repositoy, updating regularly)
:two: I have installed the Translator plugin (v0.3.0, d0dbaa4)
:three: I’m running my own LibreTranslate server (latest code)


Small text articles (maybe less than a few thousand characters) are translated in their entirety without any apparent problem but longer text articles are truncated. For example, an article of approximately 4,440 characters is truncated (with an ellipsis) to 4,230 characters. An article of 5,560 characters is translated to an article of approximately 4,620 characters, terminated in an ellipsis.

Why are my articles truncated?

I’ve checked the Discourse and Translator settings and cannot find anything that might control the length of an article translation. Is there some built-in or hidden text limit on the size of an article, or translation timeout?