Trust Level and Group Permissions

So I am helping out with a new forum, but one part has me stumped.

As of right now, there is trust_level_3 and a group.

My goal is to let users earn a third title (Regular for example), but not yet have the default permissions of TL3. This would allow staff and myself to view users who have made it that far, and then decide to manually give them default TL3 permissions (possibly add them to the group), or not.

I can’t find a way to do this, so my question is, does anyone know how or have a suggestion?
Or is this even possible?

The only possible (close to) solution I can think of is making TL3 impossible, and then searching for users with the normal requirements and then adding them to a group that auto gives TL3. (But I don’t want to do this.)

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What is your goal? The method you’ve outlined sounds more difficult than just letting the default process go through. Is there an issue with the default process? :slight_smile:



This is strange :sweat_smile:

Maybe make a new group and set a custom title so when you add them it applies this title without them being TL3?


We (forum staff) expect a lot of immature users, and don’t want to just let anyone gain TL3 permissions.

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To my knowledge, there is no way to automatically give a user a group other than a trust level.

Set TL3 requirements really high sonit can’t be achwand promote manually?

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Might be the only way.

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Oh. Is there an issue with TL3 permissions? Should I be concerned? :thinking:

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Yep… Do that.

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Not in most cases, but with immature users, they can change the title and category. Don’t need that chaos.

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