Add members of trust_level_3 to another group and remove them once they lose the trust_level_3

How can I add all members of trust_level_3 to another group automatically once they reach trust_level_3 and also remove them automatically when they lose the trust_level_3? I want this to work in the background without the need to intervene manually.

The automation plugin might help?

But if that’s what you want, why not just use TL3 instead of another group that’s for exactly the same thing?


I’m trying but I can’t seem able to change the trust_level_3 level name to a custom one like “veterans” even though I’ve edited all text fields of Regular level and of trust_level_3

Hmm. It is a bad idea to rename TL3.

Maybe you could have a custom badge that would be some kind of indicator? Why do you care what the name of the group is? What are you going to do with it?

I think it would take a custom plugin or adding a new trigger to the Discourse Automation Plugin.

Whether it’s easier or better to have a stand-alone plugin or a custom automation is a matter of taste.

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You can rename the trust level groups. :+1:

If you update groups.default_names.trust_level_3 from the customise text page, and then either wait for the daily background job to run or trigger ensure database consistency manually from your /sidekiq/scheduler page then you should see the change take effect.

Just make sure the new name doesn’t conflict with an existing group or user name.


Apparently I have no idea what you can or cannot rename. :person_shrugging:

Maybe I should stick to system administration questions!


I did it as @JammyDodger recommended and it worked. However, I’m sure @pfaffman had something in mind when he said it’s not a good idea renaming the group, is that so? Cause I don’t wanna break other functions.

The situation is this. I already have a separate group where I have manually added members of trust_level_3 from time to time but was time consuming and hard to do it constantly. I could however delete this separate group and just add the badges and the custom title group and have the same display as it is now with the separate group.


When you utilize Discourse in a different global locale, the names of trust level groups are translated accordingly. Therefore, I believe the process of renaming should follow a similar mechanism.


I think the biggest problem is that it will confuse me or, maybe, anyone else who goes looking for tl3.

Should be fine. I’m still not clear what it’s going to solve though.

I’ll explain. I have awarded veteran group status to users that reach trust_level_3 and limited access to a certain category by trust_level_3. Due to the fact that I wasn’t using the Automation plugin the process of searching new trust_level_3 users and adding them manually to a custom group was time consuming. Now its much easier due to the fact that trust_level_3 is a default group.

But couldn’t you just use trust level 3 to control access to the special category rather than the other group?

I wanted to set the name of “veteran” to the group cause that’s the branding we have been using for many years.

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Is that for them to see when logged on, or for others to see denoted on the veteran users?

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On our forum we have only three types of users:

  • 0 to 2 trust level users (no user title and no icon)
  • 3 to 4 trust level users (veteran user title and custom icon)
  • administrators

Since the veteran user title is obtained both organically by achieving trust level 3 but also by subscription, we want to have all trust level 3 user a default usertitle “veteran” and a custom icon. In this way we incentivize users to either collaborate or buy the subscription.

The usertitle and icon was easy to implement when we had a custom group named veteran but now that we renamed TL3 to veteran I can’t seem to figure out how i can set an automatic usertitle and icon.

I think a few people have personalised their trust level groups to reflect their forum style. :+1: As yet, I don’t believe I’ve heard of any issues with it.

If it’s easier, you could use the ‘user group membership through badge’ Automation and link that up to your ‘Regular’ badge.

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I did that but it’s only working forward as in for new users obtaining the Regular badge but not in reverse, for those who are already TL3. Is there a script command to set it for users that already obtained the badge?

Thanks a lot for your support guys, really appreciate it.

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You can pull a list of your current TL3s using data explorer and then bulk add them to the group, if that helps?

My group is TL3. I want TL3 to have a default title and icon set as primary by default so that users don’t have to go on and select manually cause most of them are unaware of this function and it’s very hard to school them on how to do it.

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I thought you wanted to use the Automation to add people to your custom group based on becoming TL3 and getting the Regular badge, and then also bulk add existing TL3 users to the group as well?