Trust Level multiplier improvement ideas

Two important considerations
First, we do not yet have Akismet
Second, not many members use the Flag system

For the most part the forum has good Moderator coverage. But there are times when that coverage is a bit thin to say the least. It is during these times that member Flagging is very important in keeping the forum free of SPAM

It has happened on more than one occasion that those members that do Flag reach the max limit.

Currently there are 8 “max” settings. (default values in brackets)
max topics per day [20]
max private messages per day [20]
max likes per day [50]
max bookmarks per day [20]
max flags per day [20]
max edits per day [30]
max invites per day [10]
max topic invitations per day [30]

And there are Trust Level multipliers, but only for Likes per day.
tl2 additional likes per day multiplier [1.5]
tl3 additional likes per day multiplier [2]
tl4 additional likes per day multiplier [3]

My initial thought was to add multipliers for Flags as well.

Second thought was to have “universal” Trust Level multipliers that applied to all of the 8 max per day values.

That is, they would not apply to the rate limits (wait time) but only the max per day (but not the first day max limits)

True, the max flag per day setting can be upped, but as that applies to all members that introduces the (albeit rare) possibility of it being abused.


I think it is safe to first increase the global flags per day limit.

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Yes, that seems like a good alternative.
Only because as it is now for the most part only “good guys” Flag SPAM and (almost) no members have unfairly “ganged up” on a post for the purpose of hiding it.

The issue with likes is that it truly was a small subset of users getting anywhere near their daily like limit. But they did, across multiple Discourse instances, and it became a recurring cross site complaint. Those are the sort of changes I heavily prioritize.

Thanks for making me feel like a stingy Grinch :wink:
I’m doing well if I get near 50 Likes per week let alone per day.

TBH the only one that seems too low for me is Flags, but I’m desperately hoping Akismet will soon make that moot.

Coincidentally, the forum is getting hammered with multiple accounts posting SPAM as I type.
I have little doubt that if we had Akismet I’d be able to finish a post without all the interruptions.

* a small sample of my current Notifications that will fit in the viewport without scrolling :frowning: