If a member has more than 5 flags, they cannot reach trust level 3?

Hello all and @codinghorror, This is my first post and I wanna know that, If a trust level 2 (member) receive more than 5 spams, So he never become Ninja?(trust level 3)

Two more factors here:

  • The admin / mod handling the flag must have selected “Agree”
  • The flags occurred in the last 100 days (the TL3 examination period)

Also only spam and offensive flags count toward that.

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thanks Coding horror for replying. After a user flags my post and I receive a notification to change and if I changed the spamy thing, Is it remain flaged?

That actually depends on things that you, as the user, can’t see. So I’d say - don’t worry about it yet. If the site mods contact you, then follow their guidance.