Trying to figure out Page Views queries

So I’m reviewing the page views, and trying to identify queries for “Content Views” vs “User Visits” so I can gather some metrics around those 2, and the only thing I can figure out is using the application_requests table based on the Dashboard sql being ran (e.g. /admin/reports/page_view_total_reqs and others). What I am unsure of is this req_type field in the application_requests table and what the available values mean?

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The req_types are from this list:

The first one maps to 0, second one 1, etc.

http_total (0) is the total requests, http_2xx (1), http_3xx, etc. are requests that return those status codes.

page_view_crawler counts requests that were from web crawlers, based on their user agents.


Perfect - thanks! Now I gotta decide if any of the http_* are worth using :smiley: