Which tables is the data for consolidated pageviews report stored?

Does anyone know which postgres table is the data seen in Consolidated Pageviews report ( */admin/reports/consolidated_page_views) stored?

The consolidated page views report gets its data from the application_requests table.


@simon thank you so much! Do the numbers in req_type column correspond to the following request types like so?

0 = http_total
1 = http_2xx
2 = http_background
3 = http_3xx
4 = http_4xx
5 = http_5xx
6 = page_view_crawler
7 = page_view_logged_in
8 = page_view_anon
9 = page_view_logged_in_mobile
10 = page_view_anon_mobile

Yes, those are the meanings of the req_type numbers. This can be found from the Rails console by running: ApplicationRequest.req_types


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