Trying to show self replies in color

I’m trying to add a new class to topic-post for users, seeing self replies. In fact, I am trying to show self messages with different looks in topics.
This feature is good when a template is designed like a messenger app.

Is this feature already defined anywhere?

This is already possible with the .topic-owner CSS class. You can use below CSS to highlight the self replies

.topic-owner .topic-body {
  background: #fffaaa;

But topic-owner class just assigned to replies of the topic creator. I need a class for example named my-own for adding to other replies if logged in user wrote them.

Like a messenger app, shows my replies right side and others on the left side balloon.

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You can do this by adding the following code to the Header of your theme (or to the header of a theme component):

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
    const currentUser = api.getCurrentUser();
    api.addPostClassesCallback((attrs) => {
        if (currentUser && === attrs.user_id) {
            return ["post-by-current-user"];
        } else {
            return [];

You can then use the post-by-current-user class in your stylesheet.


Woooow, I thought that doing so would require a lot of changes.
Discourse is really exciting …

Thanks a million!