Trying to un-delete a deleted topic doesn't work, found error in logs

I accidentally deleted a topic that I didn’t intend to, when I went back to un-delete it through the mod panel, it didn’t appear to do anything. Subsequent clicks of un-delete did nothing as well.

Looking at the admin error logs, I found this:

Error: Nothing handled the action 'recoverTopic'. If you did handle the action, this error can be caused by returning true from an action handler in a controller, causing the action to bubble.
    at new Error (native)
    at Error.n (
    at Object.E [as triggerEvent] (
    at l (
    at Object.u.trigger (
    at V.extend.send (
    at o.create.send (
    at o.create.send (
    at (

Legit bug :+1: Will fix it.


Thanks :smile:

If I wasn’t busy I would have looked into a fix but at the very least a post here seemed appropriate.

Thanks for reporting that :+1: I just pushed a fix :leopard: