Turn off external images upload

How can I turn off external image upload. When someone embeds an image from imgur, giphy, gfycat and so on in a post, they will be automatically uploaded and embedded in place of the original external image. Here I am less concerned with hosting and primarily with copyright. So where can I turn it off that images are uploaded instead of keeping the external source.

And if I turn it off, will there still be thumnails in the Thumbnail Theme?

Edit: Is it this setting? download remote images to local

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Yes. That’s the setting.

This has been a default on feature in discourse for as long as I can reworked) remember. It’s generally believed that it’s nicer to steal the images by copying them rather than stealing their bandwidth by displaying them from the original server.


Yeah but Sites like I posted want that you “steal” their traffic and not their Content :slight_smile:
No Thumbnails are not working anymore. Is there a way to only host thumbnails or use external Link as a Thumbnail? For example Youtube Thumbnail.