Turn off "Let's get this discussion started" banner?

Hello, dear friends. Please, tell me how can I turn off this alert. I’m hosting a private board only for my co-workers and I do not need this social recommendation :slight_smile:

That notice is only shown to admins on the site. You can remove it by disabling the show create topics notice site setting.


Ah, you my savior :wink: Thank you so much.

This has come up enough times that I wonder if we should display a :question: icon that on hover explains this. Thoughts @codinghorror?


We used to have copy in the text that said something like “this message only visible to staff”, it would be easier just to add that back in, but it is wordy.

I went ahead and made that change. Before:

Let’s get this discussion started! There are currently 3 / 5 topics and 8 / 30 posts. New visitors need some conversations to read and repond to.


Let’s start the discussion! There are 3 / 5 topics and 8 / 30 posts – visitors need more to read and reply to. Only staff can see this message.

Kind of annoying that we have three “different” translation keys for this copy to cover the “only more topics needed” and “only more posts needed” cases… :thinking:


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