Remove "discussion started!"message when a Private forum

Where a Discourse forum is configured as private but does have substantial private threads the message “Let’s get this discussion started! There are currently 2 / 5 topics and 0 / 30 posts. New visitors need some conversations to read and respond to.” remains active.

Can this be automatically removed when 5+ topics and 30+ do exist in a Private forum?



This probably isn’t as big of a problem as you think it is, it is not universally visible.

But if it bothers you there is a setting
Admin -> Settings -> Other (near the bottom)

show create topics notice
If the site has fewer than 5 public topics, show a notice asking admins to create some topics.


That minimum content banner is only visible to staff – so regular users won’t see it.

You can verify this yourself by logging out and visiting the page, or using the Incognito or Anonymous mode in your browser.

And if your topics are all private, use the setting @Mittineague indicated to turn it off.

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Thanks Mittineague and Jeff for a quick reply!