Turning the entire team into moderators

Has any organization or companies tried turning all their employees into moderators? There’s around 25 of us right now and I want to minimize delayed response and empower our team to manage posts. I noticed that Discourse team has an army of moderators so I’d like to do something similar.

Any thoughts on doing this?


At 1 -> 400 I think it is fine to have the entire team as moderators.

At a certain scale though companies get so big that they like to limit the amount of people with full moderator access.

Once you make the entire company moderators on your forum you also unlock whispers and assign plugin so and that can be enormously powerful for handling a support forum.


How do you choose who should be admins? Also, I noticed Discourse has all admins and no moderators. I assume that I should not turn our entire team into admins as that will be prone to errors or mistakes in changing settings/controls.

We are a bit of a special case, in that our entire company needs to be very capable discourse admins. In practice we let all our staff be admins in meta and have never really had any issues due to this.

That said in your case you could keep a select few admins and make the rest moderators, all the workflows we use internally would also work for you (assign/whispers etc)

Safest thing for you to do, only give admin to people that need it, give moderator to the rest.


We know that if we ever lose our admin status our swipe can’t won’t work either. :wink: