Moderation of Admin and Moderator Posts

We had set our Discourse installation so that all posts were moderated, including those from moderators and admins. We did this by setting a very high number of posts from a new user that must be approved and a low trust level for our admins and moderators.

Up until two days ago this was working fine, however we updated and it’s no longer working. Messages from moderators and admins are now going through without moderation, despite no other changes to our accounts.

We found the ability to moderate their messages very useful in terms of having a double check on what was going out.

We’re now using v1.4.0.beta2 +77

Has there been a change in the moderation settings for admins and moderators? Is there another way to have admin and moderator’s posts moderated?


Why do you need to moderate the posts of your moderatos and admins? If you don’t trust them enough, then why are they moderator or admin?

We trust them 100%, as I said earlier we found it useful having a double check on what’s going out.

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We did remove this ability as we received complaints from other forum users whose moderator posts had to be approved. I personally think you should be able to trust your moderators.


For us, it isn’t about trust, given we trust them 100% and usually they approve their own posts. We all found it useful as a double check in terms of spelling and grammar mistakes, double checking that information being given out is correct, and that it just makes you think twice about what is being sent out to members. Many of our posts go out by email and if you don’t catch mistakes before the editing time frame has passed they are sent out to many people. We liked the feature!


I think a certain amount of discipline is entirely possible. Note that your already have a 10-minute window for editing before any emails are sent.

You can also load /posts.json to review all posts being made (note: that will include the introductory PM if you’re authenticated as an admin; use a non-admin account or anon to filter those out)

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I think it’s to be expected that there will be a lot of different uses of the software with different policy requirements. There’s minimal workflow stuff (so far as I’ve seen), so moderation is the main way that you could implement a policy of having official statements on things checked off. It looks to me like not allowing moderation of trusted users means there’s not much potential for any sort of collaborating on what’s posted amongst trusted users.

Use the PM feature if you wish to collaborate on official announcements. Or, you can make a staff-only category and collaborate there.

Upon approval of an opening post it can be copied and pasted by the mod and made into the public announcement it was intended to be.

It’s not as eloquent as an approval queue but it serves the purpose for your needs. I have no doubt this kind of setup has been done in the past with other communities.


You could also wiki them there while they are in draft status so others could help fix typos and other small things…


And to approve it, a staff member can :heart: the wiki post.

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Would it be possible to have it as an option in the settings rather than using workarounds?

Having the option to moderate individual users’ posts, whether they are ordinary members, moderators or administrators, is a really useful feature for forums which deal with sensitive issues and/or are email driven. For us, the email capabilities of Discourse are a major attraction. However it can be very embarrassing/damaging if a post dealing with sensitive issues goes out unchecked to several thousands of people.

Sure, but you are going to have to submit the PR

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It seems like this is a feature that could help maintain accountability within a group. Why would it not be valid?

I might do that :slight_smile: