Twitter Onebox prevents video from going full screen

As reported by @steven here, there appears to be an issue with Onebox handling of embedded videos in Twitter statuses.

The full screen control does not make the video go full screen.

The full screen control responds to the press and changes to be ‘restore to normal size’ but the video does not change size.

To reproduce, play the video in the embedded status below and click full screen.

I first saw the bug in v2.1.0.beta2 +251 - may have been present before.

I am not at my desktop machine so can’t test it on that configuration but the issue is there on mobile chrome on Android.


More information.

The issue is present on desktop too and fails in both Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome shows nothing in the console when refusing to go full screen but Firefox (Dev Ed’n) shows the following message.

The initial message on Content Security Policy was present on F5.

The Request for fullscreen… message occurs each time a full screen is requested by pressing the full screen control.


Should be fixed via:

Thanks for debugging @bletch, that really helped. :+1:


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